Limelite Show Horses focus' on the personal details that make a difference in providing the highest quality experience for both horse and owner! Each horse is given a custom training program to be as successful as possible in the show pen! 

Equine Training Programs include: 
~2 Show Barns
~Large outdoor arena
~Round pen 
~Large matted stalls 
~Lights on timers
~Fly misting system
~Hot/Cold Wash Rack
~Custom feeding program designed for each horse
~Custom supplement formula from PRIME PERFORMANCE NUITRITION 
~Extensive grooming and vacuuming with an EDEMCO Equine Vacuum
~GAME READY Equine Therapy Treatments 

Client Amenities: 
~ Lessons included
~ Show attire by COWBOY COUTURE 
~ Show equipment from BLUE RIBBON TACK 
~ Custom hand designed hat from Barbars Custom Hats
~ Custom ad designs exclusively with Worthington Graphics 

Limelite show horses specializes in training the ultimate All Around Horse as well as preparing your young lunge liner and 2 yr olds. Full service training is designed to create a unique work program for both horse and rider. Horses in full time training are worked throughout the week and have an extensive grooming program to assure a polished look for the show pen. Lessons are offered to ensure horse and rider shine in the Limelite!